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Artemis Women in Action Film Festival 2017, PURE ACTION

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Artemis Women in Action Film Festival 2017, PURE ACTION


Red Carpet Showcase
ROCKET - A woman teaches racing cars years after her father dies in a race.A 2017 Student Academy Award winner.  Brenna Malloy, Director; Lizzie Clarke, Cameron Diskin, Danny Downey, Lexi Sullivan, Lacey Hannan.  All ages.

QUARRIES - A hiking expedition venturing out into the uncharted wilderness meets tragedy when a group of hunters selects them as prey.  Graphic violence; terror themes. Adults.

Punch Lines and Dreamtime 
YOGA PANT BRAWL - A woman power walking through the park is made fun of by yoga bullies and she stands up for herself.  Adult comedic action fight violence.

GIRL TRIP - Three girl friends head to the desert to celebrate the summer equinox where one strange occurrence quickly escalates into a comedic nightmare.  Christine Adams; Danielle Burgio; Melody Perkins, Robert Merrill, Jeremy Sisto.  Adult language; violence.

SCHOOLED - Slaying vampires? Easy! Being a single Mom? Now that's a struggle. A mother fights a vampire, interrupted 'cause her girl is in trouble, meets the principle who is also a vampire, fight ensues.  Dawn Alden, Payden Kershner, Talia K. Dillingham, Josh Fried.  Vampire violence.

TIP YOUR WAITRESS - While working the graveyard shift, waiting on a table of rude and rowdy thugs who stiff her, one waitress will exact the revenge so many of us dream about.  Fight action violence.

TOYS - In 1930s farm country, a father wants a son, but he gets a little girl. He tries to toughen her up by giving her toys intended for boys. His efforts backfire when she proves a little too capable for comfort.  Amanda Quaid, Director; Peggy Pope; John Leonard Thompson; Mischa Tedesco.  All ages.

HOODS - Upon finding her beloved Grams dead, Scarlet Hood must unravel truths about her Grams torrid past in order to carry on her legacy.  Maja Aro, Director; Eva Bourne; Aleks Paunovic; Ty Olsson; Gabrielle Rose.  All ages.

PINTU - Abused girls refuse the role of the victim and seek help from the women around them.  Viktoria Szemeredy, Director; Shiraz Dejbakhsh; Paul Yeshi Eperjesi, Tunjung Crystal.  Adult themes.

ORDINARY DAYS - Two young Japanese actresses struggle to survive in New York.  Takashi Horie: Director; Yuriko Miyake: Saori Goda: Yoshi Amao: Ela Thier: Kyo Kasumi. All ages.

Bloody Deeds
IRIS - A highly trained federal agent is tasked with taking down a segment of the Russian Mob at a New York City bar – using her beauty, intelligence, and grace.  Adult themes.

SKINNER - Two women search through an abandoned factory, looking for evidence that the monster which haunted their town for years has resurfaced.  Rob Jacobsen, Writer/Director; Chris Walker, Cinematographer; Jen Znack; Brianna Johnston.  Adult horror themes.

BOXER - A middle-aged contract killer must reconcile her life between her ruthless clients and her young, unquestioning son who wants to be just like her.  Toy Lei, Perry Norman, Linda Wong, Sachiko Ishida, Lovel Johnson, Jr, Narayan Cabral.  Graphic violence.

SLEEP TEMPLE - A young woman is used as a pawn in a conspiracy; until she turns the tides on the whole power structure, with a plan of her own.  Bo Whittle, Writer/Director; Kat Summers; Paul Mastovich; Joseph Swanson; Ashley Alwine; J.D. Griffith.  Violence, horror themes.

WAYSTATION - Trapped between heaven and hell, in a barren landscape, desperate to escape, desperate to survive, your one lifeline is The Waystation.  We don't have cast list yet, but contains recognizable TV faces.  All ages.

SOLDIER BEE - A soldier returns home and has trouble recovering from her war memories.  Alex Hardy, Director; Shauna MacDonald; George Newton.  Adult themes; graphic sex; violence.

Deadly Skills
The Dawning - The world's number one superhero takes a day off, but she must team up with her super-powered partner to try and save the day.  Kelly Quinn; Inge Uys; Rachel Retana; TL Westgate.  All ages.

MISSION 92 - A scientist, Sonia becomes a kick-ass avenger who fights her way back from Europe to North America to find the last piece of the missing puzzle of a global conspiracy.  Guido Tölke, Director; Julia Dordel; Eric Breker; Anita Reimer; Denise M’Baye; Adrian Holmes.  Adult themes, violence.

Pure Badass
HEY BLUE EYES - A woman who, suspecting her husband of having an affair, gets more than she bargained for when she investigates the truth.  Daniel John Harris, Director; Erin Breen; Aubrey Marquez; Joshua Gibbons; Elise Zell.  Adult themes.

OLGA - When Olga finds the man who killed her parents before her eyes, it's time for him to get what's coming to him.  Fight action violence.

BLACKWELL SUMMERS MYSTERIES - A feisty duo fighting injustice and giving a voice to the defenseless using brute force, killer brains and unconventional beauty. Emily Dell, Director; Rebecca Nyahay; Raushanah Simmons; Ryan Andes; J. David Brimmer; Paul Arthur. All ages.

LYDIA'S LAST ONE - A hitwoman trying to retire in 1970s New York is tasked with one last job... Darina V. Sikmashvili, Director; Tracilyn Jones; Brian Kelly; David Reichler; David Nash. Adult themes.

FIGHT ROOM - Female fighters are kidnapped and blackmailed into fighting in an underground tournament.  Gillian MacGregor; Emily Corcoran; Zara Phythian.  Adult themes; fight action violence.

INTERROGATION - When Frankie's husband is detained at the airport for being a spy, she must decide whether to sacrifice her secrets to save him. Stefanie Butler; Daniel Harray; Gys De Villiers; Junior Aristide; Blanca Rosario; Alec Ruiz  Adult themes.

RELAPSE - Haunted by a past he thought he'd outrun, Dust is forced into his old ways to rescue his former partner from a vengeful madman.  James Poirier, Director; Dre Swain; Gabriel Caste; Nick Apostolides; James Logan.  Adult; war action violence.

COMET CHRONICLES - Private Detective Ashley Comet narrates this Sci-Fi Film Noir thriller, recounting the event on Planet ADAR 5 that lead her to become a P.I.  Brittany Christine, Jenelle Kulaas, Brian Bridwell, Rachel Jackson, Wade Chitwood.  All ages.
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