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Artemis Women in Action Film Festival 2017, EMPOWERMENT CLUB

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Artemis Women in Action Film Festival 2017, EMPOWERMENT CLUB


Dance of Power
DUENDE:THE RED SHOES - A pastor's wife tries to revive her flamenco dance career.  Tina Love, Director; Kayla Lyall; Isabel Serrano; Fanny Ara; Henry Brown; Jose Cortes.  All ages.

COCO CABASA - After being suppressed during her childhood, the fierce feminist Kaouthar Darmoni fled to Europe to be a free woman. Her disillusion about the 'emancipated' Europe is the reason she began her mission to heal femininity through belly dancing.  Adult themes.

Unshakeable Women
DEFENDANT 5 - When a young filmmaker documents the destruction of the ancient forests in Tasmania she is targeted by a giant logging corporation in a million dollar legal battle.  All ages.

FIVE AWAKE - Five Louisiana women -- outraged over husbands shooting their wives -- set out to strengthen domestic violence laws, including a controversial proposal to restrict the gun rights of domestic abusers.  Susan Willis, Director/Producer; Donna Dees, Director/Producer; Chuck Willis & Jamie Connors, Editor; Walter Bianco, Original Music.  Adult themes.

LUCY FALLS - An abused woman finally fights back.  Danielle Burgio; Christopher Nelson; Anton Starkman; Jon Jacobs.  Adult themes.

SHACKLES OF FURY - A woman fights for her identity as she struggles from domestic violence.  Adult themes.

DIVINE SHADOW - A teen girl mysteriously develops super strength while protecting her sister and suddenly finds herself imperiled in a secret battle of good versus evil.  Rachel Trotter; Rebecca Osman; Lisa Skvarla; JB Lunon; David Whitehead.  Adult themes.

KICKASS KATIE LEE - Katie Lee, the 96 year old activist who opposed the Glen Canyon Dam and has forever been it's immutable warrior and outspoken foe.  Adult themes.

MARGARET LAMBERT STORY - A Jewish athlete is barred from competition during Hitler’s 1936 Olympic Games, despite being the best high-jumper in Germany and arguably the world.  All ages.

I SHOT EINSTEIN - A documentary interview about the life and work of veteran photojournalist Marilyn Stafford, who blazed the trail for modern female photographers.  All ages.

INEZ MILHOLLAND ~ FORWARD INTO LIGHT - A window into the Women's Suffrage Movement through the sacrifice of an American Amazon who will inspire today’s woman as much as she did 100 years ago.  All ages.

WE CAN DO IT: STORIES OF ROSIE THE RIVETER - In World War II millions of courageous women, most of them teenagers, joined the labor force and coined the term 'Rosie the Riveter.'  They didn't realize they were changing the world forever. Scott Bethe, director; Scott Bethel & Jody Valet, producers. All ages.

The Future is Female
MOONSHOT - A world-weary homeless woman is given an opportunity to leave her violent life behind when a roguish mechanic devises a risky plan to send her to a colony on the Moon.  Matthew Lucas, Director; Luvia Petersen; Benny Elledge; Jake Guinn.  Adult language; violence.

GO AGAINST THE FLOW - Top women in tech entrepreneurs share their success stories and offer advice to the next generation on taking the plunge, running a business from scratch, and coping with failure.  Charu Sharma; Raeshib Aggerwhil, Directors; Ilene Lang; Christina Wallace; Michelle Zatlyn; Jessica Scorpio; Angie Chang; Alaina Percival. All ages

Woman Power
DUTEE - Elite Indian athlete, Dutee challenged policies that govern gender testing in female athletes, opening doors for not only herself, but for the future of all women in sport.  All ages.

QUEEN OF EVERYTHING YOU SEE - After eleven months of surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy for brain cancer, 14-year-old Holly James rediscovers and documents the joys of everyday life.   All ages.

SECOND CHANCE ON THE CAPROCK - Dove Creek Equine Rescue is dedicated to the rescue, assistance, and rehabilitation of horses.  Adult themes.

CRAZY HAPPY - The resilience and the struggles within mental health, and the journey towards happiness and a sense of freedom.  An experiment in creating happiness using the Happiness Project with a group of people with mental and physical health issues. Adult themes; some language.
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