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Artemis Women in Action Film Festival 2017, BLOODY DEEDS

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Artemis Women in Action Film Festival 2017, BLOODY DEEDS

IRIS - A highly trained federal agent is tasked with taking down a segment of the Russian Mob at a New York City bar – using her beauty, intelligence, and grace.  Adult themes.

SKINNER - Two women search through an abandoned factory, looking for evidence that the monster which haunted their town for years has resurfaced.  Rob Jacobsen, Writer/Director; Chris Walker, Cinematographer; Jen Znack; Brianna Johnston.  Adult horror themes.

BOXER - A middle-aged contract killer must reconcile her life between her ruthless clients and her young, unquestioning son who wants to be just like her.  Toy Lei, Perry Norman, Linda Wong, Sachiko Ishida, Lovel Johnson, Jr, Narayan Cabral.  Graphic violence.

SLEEP TEMPLE - A young woman is used as a pawn in a conspiracy; until she turns the tides on the whole power structure, with a plan of her own.  Bo Whittle, Writer/Director; Kat Summers; Paul Mastovich; Joseph Swanson; Ashley Alwine; J.D. Griffith.  Violence, horror themes.

WAYSTATION - Trapped between heaven and hell, in a barren landscape, desperate to escape, desperate to survive, your one lifeline is The Waystation.  We don't have cast list yet, but contains recognizable TV faces.  All ages.

SOLDIER BEE - A soldier returns home and has trouble recovering from her war memories.  Alex Hardy, Director; Shauna MacDonald; George Newton.  Adult themes; graphic sex; violence.
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